Moving in: Royal Holloway

Moving in to RH wasn’t what I was expecting. Well, in some ways it was, because a) I ended up at Royal Holloway and b) I wasn’t exactly expecting space stations and Martians (…), but in others it wasn’t. I wasn’t expecting to get here and sort of feel like I’m dreaming and I’m about to wake up, probably five years ago when I was 14. I definitely wasn’t expecting to be in a flat with 6 girls (me inclusive), 1 guy and 1 MIA flatmate. Hopefully we’ll find zir before the end of Freshers week, or zie won’t be able to get into the flat.

Shopping was pretty exciting, for a given value of the word ‘exciting’. It’s kind of cool to have my own shelf in a fridge/freezer, although I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon. Probably around the time I get so bored of cooking I just buy boxes of pot noodles. I’m sure that day won’t come for a while yet though…

photo 1

I hope you like the posters. It’s a Gryffindor poster, by the way, because I’m in Gryffindor house. I was very disappointed.

photo 2

Also my room is pretty messy at the moment, but yes, that is a double bed, and yes I did stick up the calendar on my notice board. Spending money on stationery seems to be my thing at the moment.


Look ma, I’m doing an internet!

It’s strange to think how much things have changed since I was smaller. I can still remember when all our computer was really for was gruelling minesweeper marathons. If you wanted to play anything more sophisticated than solitaire, there was the Super Nintendo (SNES, I think. But I’ve never been entirely certain) which we had three games for; LoZ: Link to the Past, Mario Kart, and some Starfox game. Just three! And we never got bored, or at least I don’t think we did.

Today I am significantly taller, in possession of three games consoles and I-don’t-even-know –how-many games. I think I could survive without those things though. After all, I have my books. What more do I need? What else is there? All I need is my Kindle (and yes, the real paperback books on my bookshelf/in piles on my floor) and internet connection –

Ah. Yes. That.

The ever present internet.

When did it become so vital? Did I just blink and miss the part where computers  took over the entire world? (Apart, obviously, from the places where they don’t have computers. Not to worry, trusty Western civilisation is on hand to spread the laptops all over the planet! No, don’t thank us. We’re glad to do it.) If computers were missiles, I would have a missile on my lap right now.

Anyway. My point was that everyone is on the internet. I’m pretty sure everyone I know has their own computer (of some kind. For the purposes of this conversation if they have a laptop they basically have a computer. Although, how does one categorise the people who have a computer and a laptop? Oh, and the PC/Apple thing is as stupid as it gets. It’s like saying, I wear coats and he wears jackets so we’re wearing different clothes. No. Bad. Blimey, this is a long parenthesis), and they all have internet connection, although even if they didn’t they could get on the internet using the power of smart phones. Am I the only one who’s slightly weirded out by a phone that’s basically a computer? No? Just me then…

It’s like in that short story by Neil Gaiman, where the whole world gets completely engrossed in this computer game and the entire human race dies out because everyone’s forgetting to eat food and go to the toilet. Maybe one day we’ll all just be husks, sitting at our desks and typing away madly until we run out of electricity.

Speaking of which, I’d better go and have some breakfast.

Project 101: End of the line

That title probably didn’t need to be quite that ominous, but oh well. So, here we are at the end of project 101. It’s been exciting. It’s been fun. Is it bad that the part I was most pleased about was the fact that the month ended on one of my scheduled posting days so I didn’t have to break my posting plan? idk

Anyway, I stuck to it for an entire month! (apart from three days in the middle where if I stuck to my challenge I’d be wearing wet clothes. That’s not cool. Maybe I should have made that a built in exception? Anyway, I wore different clothes for those three days and then just went back to it after last Sunday. The one we just had. I need to get out of this parenthesis)

So I guess it’s possible to do, but it’s probably more sensible to not try and do it by hiding all your other clothes, especially if people are going to have to come into your room and pack up your stuff so you can move house. There’s nothing quite like people finding a sneaky pair of trousers hidden in your desk drawer. I ended up hiding in my mum’s bedroom for the whole morning.

Moving In: Kirkbymoorside

Of course, this post is going up four days after the events contained therein, but I’m much too lazy to change everything to past tense so I’ll just leave it like this. I wrote it last Sunday, if you’re interested in the precise dates things happened. Obviously by now there has been internet.

I think I drew the short end of the moving straw, because I’ve managed to wrangle two lots of moving house in the same week. Basically. A Sunday-Sunday week, rather than the usual Monday-Monday week. In essence, too much moving house.

The drive up to Kirkbymoorside was made extremely exciting for two reasons.

  1. The satnav kept trying to direct us South at every available opportunity, including some where no opportunity to turn existed.
  2. The car was leaking a) smoke and b) oil, which added enjoyment to the trip. Fortunately this was because my dad forgot to put the lid back on the oil after he refilled it, although I can’t work out if I’d rather it were because the car was completely broken than because of silly human error.
  3. It’s an elderly car. The road into Kirkby involves an exciting, windy, steep, windy road. I have it on good authority that that turn was even harder than some of the turns up the mountains near Nice.

That’s three reasons. My bad.

photo (4)

Sitting in the living room, drinking tea out of an owl mug and talking about four hour car-journeys, one thought occurred to me; if we only had furniture, I could be sitting on a sofa right now.

photo (6)

My bedroom is on the top floor. I’m pretty impressed by the removal men, who appear to have become overexcited and brought me my brother’s bedside table as well as mine.

photo (5)

Another enjoyable task was the removal of two spiders from my en-suite bathroom. I’m not scared of spiders. Really. But even I pause at removing a living spider from its, frankly rather impressive, web. It was made even more fun by the fact that one of the spiders was dead, but still attached to the web. The fun doubled when I realised the hinge for my window was halfway down the glass and it opened horizontally.

Once that onerous task had been completed and my all-important brown fluffy dressing gown had been located, it was time to hit the pub and gorge ourselves on food. (Yeah, I know I didn’t mention anyone else, but my mum, dad, and brother were there too. They ate food. It happens) There’s nothing like a full roast lunch and white chocolate and malteser cheesecake on a cold summer’s (?) day, particularly if you can then follow that up with an afternoon spent doing very little unpacking boxes.

And, as it turns out, the internet-person isn’t coming until Monday Tuesday, so I’ll have to live for two whole days without internet. I don’t know how I’m going to survive it, if I’m honest. Wish me luck!

Washing your face: The Easy Way

Two things strike me when I look at this: 1) why is she naked to wash her face 2) this method of face washing seems grossly inefficient 3) it is impossible to do that with water

Two things strike me when I look at this:
1) why is she naked to wash her face
2) this method of face washing seems grossly inefficient
3) it is impossible to do that with water

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought “gosh, my face feels fabulous/clean/soft/whatever”, but then washed your face anyway because Routine is God? (NB: This only applies if you actually washed your face the night before.) If your answer is yes, you’re in luck! I have advice bought specially from the advice shop for people like you! And me, obviously, because otherwise I would never have thought of it.

Here it is, in all it’s fancy-pants glory.

Wash your face once a day only.

In the evening or your pillow gets dirty and your face has to wallow in gunge all night. Do you want that? DO YOU?

I don’t think you do.

This appeals to me for several reasons. The first is that I am exceptionally lazy and if I can avoid doing loads of stuff in the morning, so much the better! The second is that washing only in the evening means my face soap and moisturiser last longer, so I have to buy less, so it saves me money. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, really.

My Previous Regime:

Morning: Cleanse (Coalface), Tone (cider vinegar), Moisturise (Imperialis)

Evening: Cleanse (Coalface/sugar scrub), Toner (cider vinegar), Moisturise (Imperialis)

My New Regime:

Morning: Tone (cider vinegar)

Evening: Cleanse (Coalface/sugar scrub), Toner (cider vinegar), Moisturise (Imperialis)

What inspired me to do this, you might ask? Well, the idea first came to me at some post either on Crunchy Betty or somewhere else. I think someone left a comment on something along the lines of “you shouldn’t wash your face in the morning because overnight your moisturiser has been working on your face and if you wash it in the morning you’ll undo all the hard work of the previous night’s washing”. Essentially.

I then went on holiday and decided I only wanted to use a little bit of face soap (translation: Didn’t bring enough), so I decided to try only toning in the morning. And it worked, mostly because faces don’t really sweat much and I don’t seem to have an absurdly greasy face so it doesn’t get all manky overnight.

I’m even backed up by the French, which is always good to know.


It’s funny how time passes differently on different occasions. I’m not just talking about the standard time-goes-faster when you’re doing something exciting, and time-goes-slower when you’re doing something boring. I’m talking about the general perception of time; how while you’re doing something time might drag on like you’re wading through thick mud, and then when you’re done it’s suddenly “oh, that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye”.

I can’t be the only one who sometimes feels like time is passing at different speeds like that. Occasionally it works the other way round; while I’m immersed in an activity it seems to pass really quickly and it’s done before I know it, but once I’m done with that individual activity it feels like time is on the whole going s l o w l y and I’ve got ages until I’ve got anything to do next.

It’s certainly an odd sensation. It’s like having both feet on travelators going at different speeds, except time doesn’t make you fall over and it’s harder to bruise your knee as a result of temporal displacement. Usually.

London Zoo

I’m pretty much a London fan. If I had unlimited money/won the lottery, I would definitely choose to live in London. As I don’t have either of those things, I have to settle for just visiting it.

So that’s what we did.

London Zoo 018

I approve of that camel llama/alpaca, mainly because I’ve never seen one lie down like that before.

London Zoo 019

The existence of that goat will never cease to confuse me. I mean, why a goat in a zoo?London Zoo 023London Zoo 024London Zoo 043London Zoo 050London Zoo 058

We saw lots more than that, but I’m pretty sure you’ve seen lions, tigers, and bears cockroaches before, right? So after a long day wandering around a zoo, we went up Primrose Hill to check out London.

London Zoo 059London Zoo 060


After which, we made up for all that damn exercise by going immediately to a cheap & cheerful Chinese restaurant, Mr Wu.

£5.50 for an all-you-can-eat buffet might sound suspect, but it’s ok; they made up the money by charging £1.30 for a can of coke. Apparently they don’t have taps on the premises(!)

London Zoo 061

And then we missed the once-an-hour train back to Marlow and had to sit around in a pub in Paddington station for an hour. C’est la vie.

Project 101: Second Week Blues

Now, I know it looks like I should only be on my first week blues. But, due to a number of circumstances, I’m actually on my second week.

These are the circumstances:

  1. I started it on the 19th, but scheduled the Project 101 post for the 25th so I wouldn’t have a) a post on the wrong day and b) three posts in one week

That’s basically it.

The first week was easy enough, because I spent most of it on a youth camp where I only brought two tops, one pair of trousers, a pair of shorts and two pairs of shoes. All of which I wore, funnily enough. And no, this isn’t as unhygienic as it sounds, I promise. Sincerely. I think the maximum number of days I wore anything for was about two? Probably? (oh man, now I’m getting worried)

The second week was where things got exciting. And when I say exciting, I mean bad. Sort of. Or maybe good because I saw a challenge and grew as a person. 

In essence, I discovered the reason why these kinds of challenges are tricky. I forgot, in my zealous challenge-setting, to consider the change in the seasons. The gradual-in-season change, that is. I.e., it’s colder now than it was before. Evenings are getting colder.

If I’m going to go outside in chilly weather, I’ll probably need a jacket. I probably should have thought of that when I was planning out my clothes.

You’ll be proud though; I didn’t cave. I didn’t sneakily swap one of my pairs of trousers for a blazer, or just sneakily sneak in a jacket of some kind. “What? No, it’s been Project 102 the whole time, honest!”

Another thing I’ve discovered is that those blue chinos aren’t really my favourite thing ever. I prefer neutral trousers and colourful tops, not the other way round! Also it’s a pain when you accidentally spill cider on your trousers and the only other trousers you have are still wet on the clothes horse.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

On the plus side, I’ve made a really handy excel spreadsheet (!) which I’m using to log which outfits I’ve worn. If I wear all the possible combinations by the end of the month, I win the right to eat chocolate.

IMHO I’m probably going to eat the chocolate anyway, but it’s nice to have goals.