Procrastination is my final destination

Yes, I admit it. I chose that title purely because it rhymes. I’m a terrible person, I know.

You know what I should be doing right now? My assignments, that’s what. I hate to admit it, but one of them is due in on Tuesday. Tuesday. What have I become? What manner of evil have I stooped to that means I’m writing blog posts instead of doing work? What strange being does laundry and cleans the kitchen instead of doing their assignment?

Admittedly, that’s my general life ethic. When I write essays, things like this happen

The Protestant Reformation impacted all aspects of life throughout Europe, including the ways in which music was performed and written. from the strict Protestant regime of Edward VI, to the devoutly Catholic Mary I, and back to the moderately Protestant Elizabeth I.

What is that last sentence even doing? I don’t know, it’s like the time I randomly wrote ‘coul’ on an assignment and couldn’t remember why. Why, coul. ‘Coulson’? ‘Could’? ‘Couscous’?

Problem number 2: Capital letters.

What do I do. How do I do? Do I capitalise ‘Church’? ‘Protestant’? ‘High Church’? I don’t even knooow

Also, it’s very easy to waffle. All you really have to to is add extraneous unnecessary words and before you know it the word count has leapt sky high.

(not literally, I haven’t been throwing my laptop around)

I hate the abuse of adjectives, but I find myself writing about the ‘strength and warmth’ of the bass line, the ‘haunting’ soprano, and the ‘magnificent echoing effect’. That’s another word I’ve abused. ‘Effect’. Poor thing. I bet it doesn’t even know what it means anymore.


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