Some things never change

There are some things about me that I’m pretty sure will never change. I guess they’re probably key personality traits or something. Or integral psyche components. Or whatever. (I don’t do psychology, sheesh.) The only thing that really changes is how I express it.

For example, my slight (hah!) obsessive tendencies. These days I express this by making food plans (no joke), obsessively planning all my train journeys (meh), and cleaning my room/bathroom all the time. Not tidying it though, oddly enough.

I’m also counting exactly how many portions of pasta you can get out of each bag, but I guess that ties in to the whole food planning thing.

It’s 6, in case you were wondering.

I’ve apparently started hoarding carbohydrates too. At the time of writing, I have 1.5kg fusilli, 1kg spaghetti, 1.5kg rice, and 500g risotto rice. So… um… I’d like to say I didn’t see that coming, but … I sort of did. So now I have a carbs + cider shelf. (I guess I’m preparing for a really weird sort of party. I … don’t even…)


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