I’ve had a really exciting few days. It also sort of ties in with why I haven’t been updating.

Basically, I’ve had the mother of all viruses on my computer. /rootkit/something. And at first I was kind of impressed. It was all “well, if it can stop my antivirus software, fair play. But let me use my computer again, eh?”

And then it was all “no srsly this isn’t funny #Sad smile

So yeah, it took me four days, three different antivirus softwares (WSE, AVG, and Kaspersky. Kaspersky is free because student at RHUL. And it seems to be doing the trick), at least two malware removal softwares, and two slices of lemon drizzle cake before it was fixed. (I love lemon drizzle cake. yum)

And it brings me to a grand total of:

2 trojan horses

1 malware downloader

and, last but not least

“not-a-virus” file. Yeah, sure. I believe you.

Kaspersky didn’t.

So either WSE just couldn’t handle it anymore, or I didn’t update it often enough or something. So now, we’re running mr antivirus every day. Just another thing to do obsessively, I guess.


Really, did you expect anything different?

Ok, so when I said I’d post more frequently, I lied. I actually meant I’d be posting less frequently and even more frivolously. Frivolity has its place, certainly, and that place is the internet. So that’s that.

Still, this blog post recaps an extremely stressful issue. That’s right, those walkers over at student finance. You make one mistake on your application, and you might as well just drop out of uni to be honest. It takes the, that long to sort out your financial worries. Money is important. It’s hard to buy food and train tickets without money. I use lots of both. Largely the latter rather than the former.

One good thing has been that I’ve been majorly considering every single thing I’ve had to buy. “Do I really need these shoes?” “Can I really find happiness in that book?” “Couldn’t I make that chicken breast stretch til the weekend?”

But, fear no more, fearful readers! For they’ve finally got their heads out of their arses and sorted me out. So now I have my money! Hooray! Aaaaand now I have to pay my mum back the money I’ve borrowed… Let’s hope she doesn’t want interest, eh?

London II: Chinatown Strikes Back

I think my favourite thing about the trip to London this weekend has to be the fact that even though I went to see a) my friends and b) Matilda, it still ended up being all about the Chinese restaurant we went to. Er. go us?

It started pretty well, to be honest. I managed to catch the right train (!), and I only got a little bit lost in Richmond station. I don’t know how I managed it, because there are only about four platforms, but let’s say it’s just a skill of mine and move on.



Just so you know, I definitely didn’t die.

Over night we discovered several things:

1. I snore (apparently)

2. Floors make pillows dusty

3. Apparently I can’t have a good night’s sleep if Lewis + Geo are in the room with me. hmm…

The next morning the tubes were delayed, (!!! Damn you London!) but we managed to get close enough to the front of the queue to be guaranteed £5 tickets. I love being young sometimes always.

It got kind of awks when some people turned up but they were the 33rd and 34th people in the queue, because there were only 32 young people tickets. And the whole show had basically sold out. Which is cool for the cast, but less cool for people who want to be able to turn up on the day for things and get cheap tickets.


This is a map of all the fancy places we wandered around to. It doesn’t look like much, but it was so very cold on Saturday that every inch felt like a mile. Seriously, I’m pretty sure we only went to half the places we went to because we wanted to get out of the cold. Thank you orbital comics, both for your central heating and your comics. MLP:FIM FTW

er anyway.

We loitered creepily outside Little wu’s (Mr Wu’s was closed for reasons), before taking the plunge and entering the delightfully warm building. I celebrated the £6.95 all-you-can-eat buffet by throwing food on the floor, and then eating all-I-could-eat. seriously, I felt very sick afterwards. Managed to find room for two courses though. (!) Worryingly, some of the reviews suggested Little Wu’s cuisine might make you throw up. It hasn’t happened yet guys, but if it does, you’ll know to avoid it like food poisoning.

But then, finally, makillda.

man alive. I basically think everyone in the whole world should see it. maybe at a bigger theatre though, because the world is a huge place full of lots of people.

The set was amazing (desks rising from the floor! Ceiling swings! Bookcases that turn into GATES OMG), the child actors were also amazing (and in tune), the adult actors were also good (Miss Trunchbull was a … skirt role? A guy dressed as a girl, but not in the funny way. You know, like how ‘trouser role’ = woman playing man. skirt role.). The only thing I’d like is to maybe not be sitting next to a family of SWEET EATERS. Seriously guys, pick something with a quieter wrapper next time. matilda is on stage making me legitimately shed tears here, I’d like to not have *schrunchschrunch* *omnomnom* in my ear the whole time.

***** performance. Five stars. or something. go see it. And also the Christmas lights were up, so that was nice.



Musings on more frequent updates

I set myself the challenge of updating twice a week for two reasons. The first was to make sure I actually bothered and didn’t just abandon the blog for months at a time. (I haven’t done it yet, thank gravy). The second was to make sure I had enough material, i.e. I could write about twelve blog posts and that’s six weeks sorted. (not that I really do that, but meh)

But, I’m sort of thinking I could have twice a week as my baseline and then possibly do maybe one or two more? So have, I dunno, Thursday and Sunday as definite blog days, and then be all “hey y’all, today is Lucky Monday Blog day”. Technically that’s more than feasible. I don’t actually really have lectures on Monday, Thursday, or Sunday. So… I could do it, if I wanted to.

And that’s where you come in.

Feel like reading more of my random musings? Say so. If you like. If you’re so bored right now that you can’t even remember how to formulate a proper sentence, feel free to just comment with “yes” or “no”, or even just Y or N. Go for it.

For me? Pretty please?

Product Review: Full of Grace

By popular demand, i.e. Neigh-ha, I’m reviewing this thing. Sorry about the massive picture; I couldn’t get it to go any smaller.

Don’t mistake this for a little pink massage bar; it’s actually a really clever facial lotion, with rose water to hydrate the skin and precious Amazonian butters to moisturise.

I spoke to a lovely lady in the lush store, and she suggested to only use this bar at night (as it can be pretty heavy duty so might make your face a wee bit greasy), which fits in perfectly with my once a day face washing routine. (like it was meant to be.)

Now, the first time I used it I was a bit sceptical. Mainly because my face looked really weird. Kind of greasy and a funny colour. But when I woke up the next day…

man alive! My face has never been so soft. I kept feeling my cheeks because they were so soft. And non-tight, which is brilliant. I didn’t get a rash or tight skin, and you know the bit around your nostrils? The bit that sometimes goes all painful when you blow your nose too much? all better man.

So I guess I’m recommending it. Becasuse it’s so awesome. And it’s currently £8.25, so it’s not to be sniffed at.

*her real name is Neha. Nay-ya. Not knee-ha. Nay-a

There and back again: A Really Eventful Journey

(This post is being posted on Thursday, but the events detailed within really happened on Monday. Psyyyychadelic.

floooating parenthesis)

So, in order to be back at university for 7:30 in the evening, I got the train at 9:11 in the morning from Malton.


Ok, in my defense, I forgot it takes 30 minutes to get to Malton from Kirkbymoorside. and I forgot how much of a terrible person I am to be around in the morning when I haven’t had much sleep the night before. Which I almost

right this is her flatmate veronica i (back to charli) would just like to say that veronica (flatmate) is absolutelyyyyy wonderfulosti yess you see what i did there ahahahaha you didnt because i did nothing anywayback to normal me

always do, because I’m absolutely terrible at going to bed early when I have to be up the next day. GOOD JOB MITCHELL.

Managed to get myself up on time at 6:30. (aaaaaargh) Managed to eat breakfast like a pro. Thumbs up Managed to make lunch like a pro. (um managed to get my mum to make my lunch…. Thumbs up?) Managed to check my train platform like a pr- wait… cancelled? Cancelled?

My train was cancelled, due to the unfortunate circumstance of a person being ‘struck by a train’. Like they’re trying to make light of the situation or something. I felt sort of guilty that the only reason it affected me at all was because I wanted to catch a train and this meant all the trains going into York on the Newcastle line had been cancelled. But, not to worry, I could always get the later train.

When I got to the station itself, (finally; the train takes 30 minutes to get from Malton to York! It’s one effing stop! blargh) I found the platform easily enough. And then I saw, to my delight, the next train leaving from this platform would not stop until Kings Cross. Brilliant. If it hadn’t been scheduled for 6:55 I might have booked it for myself. I’m not that much of a masochist.

I got myself on the train, stowed my luggage, and settled into a seat with some reading. At which point I discovered that my train had been uncancelled and was leaving on time.

shiiiiiiiiit shitshitshit

What if the ticket-inspector saw me and realised I shouldn’t be there? what if I had to pay him to upgrade my ticket or something? What if he threw me off the train

(in hindsight, my panic was completely unnecessary. He just glanced at my ticket and moved on. He didn’t care in the slightest. phew)

I was a little less incompetent at the tubes this time, I managed to get straight on the train to Egham (literally. I was on it for 20 minutes before it left), and then I even managed to hop on the bus to RHUL. £1, not too shabby.

and then that very same afternoon I was booking tickets to go back to Yorkshire. I guess I’m just a glutton for train journeys.

Voyages on the Orient Express,

I came up to Yorkshire to visit my mum this weekend. Hooray! The downside of that is the 4 1/2 hour train journey required to get from Egham to Malton (and at least 40 minutes of that was just getting into London. Egham is not a convenient place to live.


So that’s how I started the day. Very early. It’s not my fault it literally takes minutes to print pre-bought tickets from the machine! (A lot less stressful than I was imagining. so that’s good.)

There was a man wandering around the station inspecting tickets. Mysteeeerious.

The train to Waterloo was pretty uneventful, apart from the guy on the train who just kept talking to me. Seriously? Monosyllabic answers didn’t give away the fact I wasn’t interested in talking to you? No?

And then my accidental tube-etiquette fail when I let one woman with a pram on the tube and then got in the way of another woman with a pram. And then another woman hit me with her bag. OK THAT’S GREAT. CLEARLY FRIDAY IS A BUSY TUBE DAY?!?!

Enough rage. Let’s get on the train to Newcastle!

Or I would, if they just told me the sodding platform it was leaving from. Thanks, Kings Cross staff. Couldn’t do it without you.

I very kindly swapped seats with a woman who couldn’t get a seat with her 4 year old son. (I know, such a martyr) And then the train left… a bit late, but I’m sure we’ll make up the time! I have a connection train at York to catch! At 16:40! The train gets there at 16:30… or maybe 16:35, but I’m sure I’ll catch it.

Oh, random woman? You didn’t understand the tickets? Thought there was a 33 aisle and a 33 window? Nope, just one seat 33. That’s generally how it works. You’re not getting this seat mate. jog on

(train journeys make me grumpy)


Of course, we arrived in York 20 minutes late. I had forgotten to eat, so my first call was to a cafe to nab a hot chocolate and caramel shortbread. (everyone else calls them millionaire shortbread, Yorkshire. Just saying) And then I had to defend being on the wrong train to the ticket inspector, who seemed extremely unimpressed. It’s not my fault! Don’t blame me! Blame those wankers at Kings Cross!