There and back again: A Really Eventful Journey

(This post is being posted on Thursday, but the events detailed within really happened on Monday. Psyyyychadelic.

floooating parenthesis)

So, in order to be back at university for 7:30 in the evening, I got the train at 9:11 in the morning from Malton.


Ok, in my defense, I forgot it takes 30 minutes to get to Malton from Kirkbymoorside. and I forgot how much of a terrible person I am to be around in the morning when I haven’t had much sleep the night before. Which I almost

right this is her flatmate veronica i (back to charli) would just like to say that veronica (flatmate) is absolutelyyyyy wonderfulosti yess you see what i did there ahahahaha you didnt because i did nothing anywayback to normal me

always do, because I’m absolutely terrible at going to bed early when I have to be up the next day. GOOD JOB MITCHELL.

Managed to get myself up on time at 6:30. (aaaaaargh) Managed to eat breakfast like a pro. Thumbs up Managed to make lunch like a pro. (um managed to get my mum to make my lunch…. Thumbs up?) Managed to check my train platform like a pr- wait… cancelled? Cancelled?

My train was cancelled, due to the unfortunate circumstance of a person being ‘struck by a train’. Like they’re trying to make light of the situation or something. I felt sort of guilty that the only reason it affected me at all was because I wanted to catch a train and this meant all the trains going into York on the Newcastle line had been cancelled. But, not to worry, I could always get the later train.

When I got to the station itself, (finally; the train takes 30 minutes to get from Malton to York! It’s one effing stop! blargh) I found the platform easily enough. And then I saw, to my delight, the next train leaving from this platform would not stop until Kings Cross. Brilliant. If it hadn’t been scheduled for 6:55 I might have booked it for myself. I’m not that much of a masochist.

I got myself on the train, stowed my luggage, and settled into a seat with some reading. At which point I discovered that my train had been uncancelled and was leaving on time.

shiiiiiiiiit shitshitshit

What if the ticket-inspector saw me and realised I shouldn’t be there? what if I had to pay him to upgrade my ticket or something? What if he threw me off the train

(in hindsight, my panic was completely unnecessary. He just glanced at my ticket and moved on. He didn’t care in the slightest. phew)

I was a little less incompetent at the tubes this time, I managed to get straight on the train to Egham (literally. I was on it for 20 minutes before it left), and then I even managed to hop on the bus to RHUL. £1, not too shabby.

and then that very same afternoon I was booking tickets to go back to Yorkshire. I guess I’m just a glutton for train journeys.


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