Product Review: Full of Grace

By popular demand, i.e. Neigh-ha, I’m reviewing this thing. Sorry about the massive picture; I couldn’t get it to go any smaller.

Don’t mistake this for a little pink massage bar; it’s actually a really clever facial lotion, with rose water to hydrate the skin and precious Amazonian butters to moisturise.

I spoke to a lovely lady in the lush store, and she suggested to only use this bar at night (as it can be pretty heavy duty so might make your face a wee bit greasy), which fits in perfectly with my once a day face washing routine. (like it was meant to be.)

Now, the first time I used it I was a bit sceptical. Mainly because my face looked really weird. Kind of greasy and a funny colour. But when I woke up the next day…

man alive! My face has never been so soft. I kept feeling my cheeks because they were so soft. And non-tight, which is brilliant. I didn’t get a rash or tight skin, and you know the bit around your nostrils? The bit that sometimes goes all painful when you blow your nose too much? all better man.

So I guess I’m recommending it. Becasuse it’s so awesome. And it’s currently £8.25, so it’s not to be sniffed at.

*her real name is Neha. Nay-ya. Not knee-ha. Nay-a


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