Musings on more frequent updates

I set myself the challenge of updating twice a week for two reasons. The first was to make sure I actually bothered and didn’t just abandon the blog for months at a time. (I haven’t done it yet, thank gravy). The second was to make sure I had enough material, i.e. I could write about twelve blog posts and that’s six weeks sorted. (not that I really do that, but meh)

But, I’m sort of thinking I could have twice a week as my baseline and then possibly do maybe one or two more? So have, I dunno, Thursday and Sunday as definite blog days, and then be all “hey y’all, today is Lucky Monday Blog day”. Technically that’s more than feasible. I don’t actually really have lectures on Monday, Thursday, or Sunday. So… I could do it, if I wanted to.

And that’s where you come in.

Feel like reading more of my random musings? Say so. If you like. If you’re so bored right now that you can’t even remember how to formulate a proper sentence, feel free to just comment with “yes” or “no”, or even just Y or N. Go for it.

For me? Pretty please?


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