Really, did you expect anything different?

Ok, so when I said I’d post more frequently, I lied. I actually meant I’d be posting less frequently and even more frivolously. Frivolity has its place, certainly, and that place is the internet. So that’s that.

Still, this blog post recaps an extremely stressful issue. That’s right, those walkers over at student finance. You make one mistake on your application, and you might as well just drop out of uni to be honest. It takes the, that long to sort out your financial worries. Money is important. It’s hard to buy food and train tickets without money. I use lots of both. Largely the latter rather than the former.

One good thing has been that I’ve been majorly considering every single thing I’ve had to buy. “Do I really need these shoes?” “Can I really find happiness in that book?” “Couldn’t I make that chicken breast stretch til the weekend?”

But, fear no more, fearful readers! For they’ve finally got their heads out of their arses and sorted me out. So now I have my money! Hooray! Aaaaand now I have to pay my mum back the money I’ve borrowed… Let’s hope she doesn’t want interest, eh?


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