I’ve had a really exciting few days. It also sort of ties in with why I haven’t been updating.

Basically, I’ve had the mother of all viruses on my computer. /rootkit/something. And at first I was kind of impressed. It was all “well, if it can stop my antivirus software, fair play. But let me use my computer again, eh?”

And then it was all “no srsly this isn’t funny #Sad smile

So yeah, it took me four days, three different antivirus softwares (WSE, AVG, and Kaspersky. Kaspersky is free because student at RHUL. And it seems to be doing the trick), at least two malware removal softwares, and two slices of lemon drizzle cake before it was fixed. (I love lemon drizzle cake. yum)

And it brings me to a grand total of:

2 trojan horses

1 malware downloader

and, last but not least

“not-a-virus” file. Yeah, sure. I believe you.

Kaspersky didn’t.

So either WSE just couldn’t handle it anymore, or I didn’t update it often enough or something. So now, we’re running mr antivirus every day. Just another thing to do obsessively, I guess.


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