Isn’t it ironic

Sometimes I can’t get over the irony of me having a blog. “What’s so strange about that?” you might say. Hopefully you did say that, otherwise this is just going to be me saying things you already knew. The strange part about that is the part where a person with a communication disorder (if you didn’t already know that, now you do! Yay! Why not celebrate with brownies?) has a communication blog. maybe that’s why it’s not doing so well

Sometimes when the verbal words aren’t coming out it’s nice to be able to just type things and reassure myself that I can still say things if I want to, just not out loud. 

Even if no-one’s listening.

Actually, to be honest, it’s almost easier if no-one’s listening. That way, when I say things, it’s like talking to myself but on the internet.


2 thoughts on “Isn’t it ironic

  1. I could stop listening if you’d prefer?
    But I’d rather not because there’s nothing I like more than reading people’s deep inner thoughts

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