Back again

I’m back at uni now (and have been for a few days), and I was surprised by how great it felt to be back. Not in the sense that I thought I hated it here, but in the sense that I assumed I preferred to be at ‘home’ rather than ‘away from home’. Interestingly, I’m not really sure which is ‘home’ now, a topic made all the more complex by the fact that I sort of live in three places. It confuses me too.

It’s been brilliant seeing everyone again, especially seeing as people I didn’t think liked me last term struck up unsought conversation with me. I was both pleased and proud that I managed to reply in comprehensible ways, for the most part.

Of course, because Music at RHUL is weird, all my lecturers are different this term. And my modules are all different, so that’ll be interesting. Today I had my first Theory and Analysis lecture (the excitement!). It was interesting enough, but I’m not really a morning person. I forgot how much I’m not a morning person when I went home/away/whatever, because I just slept in til late and went to bed late. The 9am start killed me. I’m still tired, and I had a nap earlier. A nap. What am I, middle aged?!

Things I like about Theory and Analysis

  1. the lecturer’s Irish accent.
  2. the use of triangles to demonstrate the difference between specific and general

Things I don’t like about Theory and Analysis

  1. 9am
  2. it’s boring

So far things are looking pretty equal on those two fronts. Which will win?!

I’m actually going to do tasks the day they’re set this term, which will be exciting for all of us, and hopefully they’ll be good. oh god I’m getting my essays back soon I may actually scream (but not really my flatmates wouldn’t like that)

As this post is being posted, I will be attempting to force a bowl of porridge down my throat and sprint to my lecture. I really hate mornings.


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