Now for something a little lighter, or, Bread

Today I did something pretty exciting! Well, ‘exciting’. Exciting for me, anyway. And hopefully really yummy. I made a loaf of bread.

And yeah, I know I did that last week (twice. we somehow used up the whole loaf in three days???), but this is the first time I’ve made bread in my loaf tin AND in my uni kitchen. The oven is a little unreliable, so I was worried it might not work, but it was fine! Actually, it was more than fine. It was great.

To start with I may have slightly over-risen the dough, because it was mega-bubbly when I took it out from under my radiator. (It’s the warmest place in the flat) And then it probably didn’t help that it was really sticky so it kind of stuck to my hands and I got dough all over myself. And maybe I should have kneaded it a bit before I put it in the tin to get that nice smooth dough-ball that I like to see when I make bread. Because I’m such an expert baker, you know? I should probably go on Bake Off next year. hahaahahaha

My major panic was that it wouldn’t come out of the tin because it had morphed into a weird huge tin eating disaster. It didn’t, fortunately, and I was able to slide it out with a minimum of fuss. And here it is, in all it’s glory.

photo (7)

I am more proud of this loaf than I have been of anything I’ve baked in a while. It’s kind of funny how you can tell where I was smearing bits of dough off my hand onto the loaf (just look at the texture on the top. awww) And I really like the crisp corners of it. You definitely don’t get THAT with shop-bread. And just check out the flour from where Neha floured the bread-tin. Very well done, both of us.


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