Asexual rambles, or why I didn’t enjoy ‘Queer Musicology’

Ok, so we had queer musicology a few weeks ago. (btw, this post is probably going to be a bit more heavy going, so I guess if you’re after something lighter you should read something else? My bread post is pretty popular. That might be a cool place to start.)

So, where to start? Well, the whole idea of a lecture dedicated to queer musicology was cool, although it really did serve to highlight how all other musicology is cishet musicology, which depressed me a little bit. A lot, actually. It kind of pissed me off.

why do I keep doing that

It pissed me off. I was pissed off.

And that wasn’t the only thing that pissed me off. I was majorly irritated by just how – I hate to say stupid – ignorant the rest of the people in that lecture were. Not one of them pointed out that there are so many other queer readings than gay/lesbian readings. Seriously? None of them remembered the bisexuals? Not even the lecturer mentioned that. I don’t really know what the point of that lecture was, to be honest, because all we really did in my seminar was establish that straight people don’t understand why queer people might not want to come out all the time necessarily.

That’s the second thing. The third thing I wasn’t majorly impressed by was the use of the word ‘queer’ by the lecturer. As far as we’re aware the lecturer is female and straight. (She’s always referred to her partner as being male, and being queer would be an amazing experience to draw on for that lecture) So it was just a bit jarring really to see that she was using the word queer. I don’t like to police people’s terminology, it just kind of surprised me. And I was sort of sat there like “when will we hear about the whole rest of the acronym?” We covered LG but BTQIAP+ just sort of fell out of the window there a bit.

And, really, I don’t like that the only way to interpret music is apparently sexually? Like you have some kind of metaphorical sex with the music and then you understand it? I don’t really like that.

My problem during the seminar was that I just had too many things to say and there wasn’t enough time to point out all the flaws in the lecture without totally dominating the conversation.


2 thoughts on “Asexual rambles, or why I didn’t enjoy ‘Queer Musicology’

  1. Do you ever get a chance to give anonymous feedback? If so you could like, mention that.
    They may as well have called it gay/lesbian musicology if that’s what it actually was

    • Yeah, we do at the end of the year. But then again the lecturer is my personal tutor so I might talk to her about it then

      it just kind of turned into “the difference between being gay and paedophilia” and “a lesbian talks to other women about possibly being lesbians while ignoring the music”

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