Product review: Washing Up Pad

Right, haven’t done one of these in a while. Today I will be reviewing… a washing up pad!

No wait, stay for a while this shit is actually pretty good. 

Washing up is no longer a dreaded chore. Whether used with or without washing up liquid, washing up is simple, effective and easy with this pad.

It’s a pretty bold claim, but given that ‘just use water’ is basically e-cloth’s tagline, I’m not entirely surprised. At £2.99 it’s not exactly cheap-sponge price, but given that you’re meant to be able to wash it in the washing machine a good 300 times, it sort of makes sense. Plus, you end up saving money if you don’t have to use as much/any washing up liquid. Bargain.

In theory.

Anyway, I decided to give it a go because I’m so enamoured with literally every other e-cloth. Their dusting cloth gets my vote every time. (Vote for what? Dunno, but I’ll damn well vote for it) And, so far, it’s done pretty well. I threw my most tea-stained mug at it, and it came out with flying colours. That same mug was the one that stubbornly resisted every washing up liquid I had on me, but a bit of scrubbing from the scrubby side and BAM no more tea-stain. I was about a day away from going for the bleach. Now I can save my bleach for bleach-worthy things, instead of stupid stubborn tea-stains.

I mean seriously, talk about overkill. Bleach on a teacup.

So far it seems to be doing pretty well, but I guess only time will tell whether or not it takes the cake and cuts the mustard.


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