Given that it’s currently Lent, I thought I’d give something up. To increase the chances of it actually sticking, I chose to give up something I don’t really like but use anyway: make-up. I don’t exactly wear a lot anyway, and what I do wear tends to be along the lines of foundation and maybe tinted lipgloss, but it’s still make-up and I still don’t really like wearing it.

Part of my issue with it is that it seems so unnecessary. Why is make-up even a thing? Since when was the human face so ugly we can’t stand the sight of it without pigment and tints and highlights and bronzing? A badly made-up face is surely worse than whatever horrors the naked human face can unleash.

But it doesn’t seem that simple. If it really was just a case of the human face being hideous, it wouldn’t just be women who had to wear make-up. Men would wear it too. But… they don’t. Because it’s ‘feminine’. So, women are ugly? Inherently ugly? Is that really what men think?

So I’m not wearing any at all. It’s like, think how much time I’m saving in the morning! 2 minutes! Every day!


and also, time in the evening

So that’s like 4 minutes a day. And obviously, I’m saving money by not buying foundation. Anyway, that’s my Lent. I’ll let you know if it works



6 thoughts on “Make-up

  1. I was under the impression that most women who wear make up do it not so much to look less ugly, but to look more feminine. And I don’t because I don’t like looking very feminine and feel more comfortable and more myself without. No one’s questioned me about it so far!

    • It’s just weird that ‘feminine’ means putting a load of stuff on your face. Like somehow the basic human face is masculine or something.
      Also it saves time and effort 🙂

      • In many bird species the male bird has all the pretty feathers and has to do a mating dance or something to attract the female, whereas the female just looks boring and doesn’t have to do anything. I wonder if the male birds are saying “urgh why do WE have to go to all the effort?”

      • haha yeah “why do we have to grow the colourful feathers and do all the dancing? can’t they do it one year?”
        and like, meetings where the peacocks compare tailfeathers

  2. so is that the equivalent of women having meetings to compare dresses or hairstyles or something? do people actually do that?

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