Trials by train

I may have already mentioned my BBC orchestra thingamajig that I’m doing. If not, it’s a) a cooperative thing with the BBC and b) in Wapping. Now, for those not in the know Wapping is approximately a year away from Egham.

I jest. It’s on the Overground line, so it’s about a century away. seriously, I didn’t know trains could be that slow. But apparently they can. There is absolutely no risk you might fall over when this train stops, kids. It’s going so slowly you could outpace it going backwards doing cartwheels.

So, anyway, I really wasn’t looking forward to this journey, especially because that train is the rush hour train and it’s always packed to the brim. But this time, I ended up meeting up with someone from Holloway who was also doing the orchestra.

(the week before we kind of were looking at each other like “I think I recognise you from somewhere? Do I know you?” and apparently I’m noticeable on campus, which is slightly scary)

Anyway, so we met up and managed to wrangle seats, so that was nice. Even though the journey was really long and it turns out there’s only so much small talk you can do with someone you barely know. And of course, I learnt a very important lesson in the distinction between silence and awkward silence: silence is when you’ve run out of small talk. Awkward silence is when you’ve just whacked someone in the chest with your bassoon.


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