Don’t get alarmed, I didn’t do an actual marathon. I just sort of got caught up in a marathon of Mock the Week. Seriously, Dave shows waaay too many reruns of that programme. Not that I mind, particularly, but even Dara is making fun of Dave. It’s kind of like, if even the presenter is making fun of it, maybe there’s something wrong with three hours of one programme? Perhaps? Or did I miss the memo that that’s what Dave is for? Because when it’s something like Mock the Week, any of the actual news commentary dates pretty quickly. “Last week Tony Blair bought a flamingo”. Wait, Tony Blair?!

I just happened to notice that basically all the comedians are WAM. Now, as far as I’m aware, being WAM doesn’t make you any funnier. It’s not a prerequisite to be male to be able to make jokes. Being white doesn’t make people laugh more. (maybe if they’re laughing at you?)

And then it made it even more awkward when there was a female comedian for once. Because invariable she’d be next to Russel Howard, and he quite often makes jokes that are pretty sexist. Just sitting at home on the sofa I was cringing. And yet none of the male comedians seemed to care or even notice?

*sigh* maybe one day there’ll be non-WAM comedians on my tv. I can dream.


4 thoughts on “Marathons

  1. Fun fact: in February the BBC announced a ban on all-male panel shows so that in programmes like Mock the week there has to always be at least one woman. (I suppose the ones you’re watching are a bit behind the times lol)

      • it may simply be because there are more male comedians than female ones. (kinda like how there’s a higher proportion of males at imperial, or females who are nurses etc.) however I do think it’s lame if the one woman on a show or in a stand-up gig or whatever ends up being the “token” female, and that becomes her only reason for gaining any popularity, rather than her actual talent as a performer.

        I often feel like our conversations are much more profound on your blog than in real life! 😛

      • Maybe. It’s just a bit disappointing that they can only ever seem to find one female comedian. Ends up being something like a 1:6 ratio. And then you get people saying “oh, female comedians are rubbish” just because they never get to see any.
        Haha they are a bit, aren’t they

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