A sudsy situation

Being a human being who doesn’t appreciate smelling of human, I frequently employ the use of soaps to smell like fruits and sometimes even vegetables. Being a human being who doesn’t like taking up unjustifiable amounts of space in my bag with half empty bottles and wasting soap by accidentally consuming it while smelling it (????), I use bars of soap. This arrangement suits me well.

However, there is a slight snag. Soap, occcasionally, reaches the end of its natural lifespan in a way which is impossible to use further: slivers of soap. What to do with a soap sliver, I asked myself, sorrowfully tipping a sliver of soap into the bin. And then I had a thought. Google! Google will tell me. So to google I went. Many people over the years have had many ideas. Put them in a pair of tights and use as soap on a string. A clever idea, but one which requires the ownership of tights. Another idea was to put them in a sponge and use it as magical self-producing soap-sponge. I am impressed by this idea, but I do not use a sponge in the shower.

And then I found gold. Metaphorically speaking. Melt it in a pan, put it in the fridge, then leave alone for a month to solidify.

I would show you pictures, but there aren’t any. Instead, here is a picture of a duck.

When I had poured it into a container, I put it in the freezer to facilitate the solidifying process. When I removed it from the freezer, it just sort of turned to a jelly-like substance. At this point, I tried to be too clever. I took some of it, mixed it with porridge, and said to myself “I have just created an exfoliating shower gel thing”. I mean, it sort of worked. But I think you’re meant to grind the porridge up or something first because …. eh.

The rest, I put on my shelf and resolved to ignore. I haven’t had a great deal of success with that yet. I’ve been taking it down daily and poking it. But I think it’s getting solider?

Anyway, it looks like this

isn't it lovely lookingPart of its problem is that it went really weirdly foamy in the freezer, so the bubbles kind of collapsed and now it looks weird. but hey, I’m hopeful that it will behave as soap ought to, when its time comes.

In the meantime, I’ve got a million bars of soap to get through.


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