A Crunchy Situation

I have a minor confession to make. Do you remember when I was raving about the magic of e-cloths? And then when I was raving about the magic of my sponge that washes up without washing up liquid? Well, I’ve found the next big thing in showers. *drumroll*

That’s right. Water.

Er, I suppose I should probably explain before you all think I’ve gone completely around the bend. You… might actually still think I’ve gone around the bend, but hey ho such is life.

A few of the people whose blogs I read avidly mentioned something called no ‘poo hair washing. It’s what it sounds like – washing your hair sans shampoo. Now, a few of these people suggest washing it with bicarb of soda and cider vinegar as a rinse to curb the interim greasiness, but one of these people suggested simply going cold turkey on the shampoo front. Also, I’ve read that that particular method has an unfortunate occasional result of hair breaking and falling out. I’m not mega-keen on that, to be perfectly honest.

And then the same person who said “why not lose the shampoo completely” said they had also ditched the soap, and turned out to smell vaguely of almonds. I don’t really know if I’d want to smell of almonds, but it’s certainly a fun idea. Maybe I’d smell of cocoa.

Anyway, I’m not going completely soap-free. I have so much stock-piled soap that I’m going to have to keep using it. But I might just consider going … half soap. Soapless most days. For Science! of course; what’s life without a little thrilling scientific experimentation? Obviously if I start stinking the place up I’ll just soap myself up rapidly, but I reckon the continued use of deodorant will prevent that. (hope so. Really really hope so)

I mean, I tried it today and apparently my hair still smelt of shampoo, so who the flip even knows.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “A Crunchy Situation

  1. got a confession to make too! I buy shower gel and leave it in the shower so people think I use it, but I don’t. I just shower with water. Except for rare occasions where I’ve gotten particularly dirty or sweaty for whatever reason.
    Also no problem with experimenting with going without shampoo and stuff. You may grow to prefer it, or you may not!

    • Is this how you manage to pack so light for holidays???
      Yeah, I’m currently not quite sure. I mean, my hair smells like hair now, which I’ve never really experienced before, and I accidentally over-blow dried it to look like a hedgehog. never done THAT before. But it did shave about 5 minutes off the whole shower routine, so I used that extra time to internet

      • well I guess that helps. but really, how much does one need to take on holiday?
        my toiletries are usually enough to fit into a small-ish makeup bag, and then a few t-shirts and trousers can be folded in such a way that they don’t take up much space, I can wear a jumper/jacket on the way, socks and underwear, phone charger, travel documents, sunglasses if it’s sunny, and obviously I don’t bother with sun cream, water bottle… what else? that’s about it. food, if necessary. meh.

      • maybe you’re just a mega-sensible packer. That might help too 🙂 I dunno, I just always seem to end up thinking “what if I am attacked by the mud-monster” and then before I know it I’m drowning in a sea of trousers

  2. I don’t use shower gel at all, just shampoo. It’s only hair that really gets dirty so water seems to work fine on the rest. I couldn’t go without shampoo though, especially since I put all manner of things in my hair.

    • Yeah, I reckon if I still put as much wax in my hair as I did in year 11 (oh, the days of gravity defiant hair) I’d definitely need shampoo.
      We’re all so hipster and I never knew 🙂

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