The Perils of Not Eating Enough (apparently)

I would be the first person to admit that sometimes I don’t eat enough. You know how it is, you’re sleeping in late and then you have a shower and by the time you get round to ‘breakfast’ it’s about 2 in the afternoon. Obviously that’s mostly a holiday habit, but it’s astonishingly easy to do. And if you’re doing that in the morning you probably won’t be tired until the next morning so that really messes up the schedule. But generally when I do that everything’s fine and dandy, apart from judgemental looks from people who managed to get up in the morning and went to bed before it became morning. They tend to be more judgemental the more tired you look, so make sure to look as fresh as a spring daisy, or at least as though you might be about to do something more active than fall on the sofa.

I digress.

Recently though I’ve been having problems with my blood sugar despite a) getting up at 10 and b) eating three round meals a day. I don’t know what it is, but at the gentle hour of 5pm most days this week I’ve experienced what can only be described as a crash. Apparently I go very pale, although obviously I could only corroborate that if I’d seen myself in a mirror. Oddly enough, if you haven’t got the energy to do anything other than sway vaguely you’re not massively fussed about looking at mirrors. Other fun symptoms include: paranoia! fatigue! irritability! not realising eating food would be a good idea! apathy! headache! achey neck! I mean, who wouldn’t want it?

I’m a little stumped as to what the solution is though, unless I just go around with a box of snacks and a little sign saying “if I look tired force-feed me chocolate”

Also, on a slightly unrelated note, I’ve just realised my logitech keyboard for my ipad is an American keyboard. Nothing wrong with that particularly, except they’ve got the speech marks and the @ symbol the wrong way round and I keep getting which one I want wrong. c’est la vie, I suppose.


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