It’s elementary, my dear Watson

Ok I’m sorry, I know that Holmes never actually said that in any of the ACD books. My sincerest apologies etc., but this seemed like a neat way to introduce this. You see, I’ve defected. Not in any particularly treasonous way – although I’m sure that Moffat and Gatiss might disagree – so you don’t need to feel alarmed or threatened or as though you need to call the police right now.

It’s Elementary.

That is to say, I’ve defected from the Sherlock camp and moved into the Elementary camp. They have better biscuits.

And that isn’t to say that if I really hated Elementary I wouldn’t stop watching it, or that I couldn’t watch Sherlock again if I desperately felt the need or if someone told me it had randomly improved for the fourth series (ha!). It’s just that I’ve heard pretty good things about Elementary, and the BBC series has made me want to throw small to medium sized bricks at Moffat.

I’m about halfway through the first episode at the moment, so I couldn’t really comment on how good it is. So far so good though.

also Sherlock just admitted that he googled something about Joan, which is pretty hilarious. Can you imagine Cumberbatch!Sherlock ever admitting he sometimes does that?


On being a little bit…dense

Literally! sort of. This is me, talking about mirrors. I’m sure it’s not just a ‘me’ thing, but maybe it is? Maybe I’m just really weird, or maybe I just need better contact lenses. My problem with mirrors and other reflective surfaces is this: I never know if what I’m seeing is accurate. I always seem to get a different image of myself than you get in photos. And not just in the sense that my face gets flipped, although that pretty much always freaks me out. I just always feel like I look different somehow, like in the photos I look like an acceptable sort of human, but in mirrors I look really weird and hideous. And fat, actually, that’s the main thing. Obviously, if you look in mirrors and hate what you see you’re not going to be massively keen about posing for photos so maybe that has something to do with it. It’s weird.

I don’t know if it’s the lighting or if the reflective surface is to blame – yeah, I know, a curvy car door is hardly an accurate mirror – but it’s really weird how your own reflection can be inaccurate. Or maybe it’s something to do with the conflict of your perception of yourself and the reality of yourself. There’s undoubtedly some self-esteem stuff in there too, but who knows. maybe I need to get my eyes checked.

Short blog post, I know, but I’m currently really tired because I got woken up excitingly by the burglar alarm going off. A) we don’t even set it, B) the code to turn it off was hidden weirdly at the bottom of a filing cabinet, C) I am not a morning person.


There’s something about travel that just sort of fascinates me. I know it probably sounds stupid, but to me the idea that you can be sitting in a car or on a train for two hours and end up somewhere really far away is sort of bewildering. I suppose it’s the fact that on a normal day I’d have spent those four or five hours sitting around on my arse at home, doing absolutely nothing of any value at all. And yet, on those travel days, you can end up at the other end of the country in the time that it would normally take me to decide whether or not I’m really enjoying a tv series. (ha, I joke. It takes me much longer than that to decide if I like a tv series)

Another part of it is the way that a very comparatively small part of travel is the part where you go the most distance, if that makes sense. So I’ll do something like four hours getting back to Egham from Yorkshire, and maybe it’ll take an hour to get to York station, and then probably at least an hour to get to Egham from London, and then another twenty minutes to wander along to where my house in Egham is, depending on how tired I’m feeling from all that travel. So that’s, what, three hours? Ish? Assuming I managed to catch the train without loitering pointlessly at the stations, and I always factor in loitering time. you know, for loo breaks, tea breaks, loo breaks again (Tea breaks occasionally wreak havoc on your journey plans), and then you miss the direct train from Waterloo so you have to wait half an hour for the next one… etc. Whereas the actual train from York to King’s Cross is generally two hours, and that’s a long old distance.



let’s just thank goodness none of us has to go all the way to Marlow by train because dear JAM that could take you all day.

It’s that time of year again…

… and that time of year is the time of student finance. Don’t fret, I’ve already applied for it, but it’s this time of year that means the anxious waiting to see if they’ve got their act together for once to give me the damn money. Because I need money, as everyone does, for such vital things as a) eating and b) eating. And c) eating.

Eating is important, don’t judge.

Nothing gives you greater stress than the stress of logging onto your student finance page and having something unhelpful on it. Such as “We have everything we need from you at this time. Well contact you if we need anything further.” Right. Thanks. So if that’s really the case, shouldn’t you be done by now?! I am legitimately more stressed about this than I have been since the last time I had to do my student finance. I swear, next year I’m reapplying in MARCH or something.