It’s that time of year again…

… and that time of year is the time of student finance. Don’t fret, I’ve already applied for it, but it’s this time of year that means the anxious waiting to see if they’ve got their act together for once to give me the damn money. Because I need money, as everyone does, for such vital things as a) eating and b) eating. And c) eating.

Eating is important, don’t judge.

Nothing gives you greater stress than the stress of logging onto your student finance page and having something unhelpful on it. Such as “We have everything we need from you at this time. Well contact you if we need anything further.” Right. Thanks. So if that’s really the case, shouldn’t you be done by now?! I am legitimately more stressed about this than I have been since the last time I had to do my student finance. I swear, next year I’m reapplying in MARCH or something.



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