On being a little bit…dense

Literally! sort of. This is me, talking about mirrors. I’m sure it’s not just a ‘me’ thing, but maybe it is? Maybe I’m just really weird, or maybe I just need better contact lenses. My problem with mirrors and other reflective surfaces is this: I never know if what I’m seeing is accurate. I always seem to get a different image of myself than you get in photos. And not just in the sense that my face gets flipped, although that pretty much always freaks me out. I just always feel like I look different somehow, like in the photos I look like an acceptable sort of human, but in mirrors I look really weird and hideous. And fat, actually, that’s the main thing. Obviously, if you look in mirrors and hate what you see you’re not going to be massively keen about posing for photos so maybe that has something to do with it. It’s weird.

I don’t know if it’s the lighting or if the reflective surface is to blame – yeah, I know, a curvy car door is hardly an accurate mirror – but it’s really weird how your own reflection can be inaccurate. Or maybe it’s something to do with the conflict of your perception of yourself and the reality of yourself. There’s undoubtedly some self-esteem stuff in there too, but who knows. maybe I need to get my eyes checked.

Short blog post, I know, but I’m currently really tired because I got woken up excitingly by the burglar alarm going off. A) we don’t even set it, B) the code to turn it off was hidden weirdly at the bottom of a filing cabinet, C) I am not a morning person.


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