It’s elementary, my dear Watson

Ok I’m sorry, I know that Holmes never actually said that in any of the ACD books. My sincerest apologies etc., but this seemed like a neat way to introduce this. You see, I’ve defected. Not in any particularly treasonous way – although I’m sure that Moffat and Gatiss might disagree – so you don’t need to feel alarmed or threatened or as though you need to call the police right now.

It’s Elementary.

That is to say, I’ve defected from the Sherlock camp and moved into the Elementary camp. They have better biscuits.

And that isn’t to say that if I really hated Elementary I wouldn’t stop watching it, or that I couldn’t watch Sherlock again if I desperately felt the need or if someone told me it had randomly improved for the fourth series (ha!). It’s just that I’ve heard pretty good things about Elementary, and the BBC series has made me want to throw small to medium sized bricks at Moffat.

I’m about halfway through the first episode at the moment, so I couldn’t really comment on how good it is. So far so good though.

also Sherlock just admitted that he googled something about Joan, which is pretty hilarious. Can you imagine Cumberbatch!Sherlock ever admitting he sometimes does that?


3 thoughts on “It’s elementary, my dear Watson

      • Nevertheless it’s still admitting that his vast repertoire of knowledge did not contain specific information.
        And hey, you don’t know my life, I deduce origami all the time!

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