Day 1 in the 0B household

Well technically day 2, but who’s going to quibble over a day? Not me, that’s for certain.

So, I’m back! In Egham!!! The town that’s so full of excitement they had to set up a museum just to tell you all about it. Truth be told I haven’t actually been to the museum just yet, but I gather it’s an experience that you won’t forget. It’s singular, that’s what it is.

Moving in was fun I guess. Carrying boxes up a flight of stairs was a lot easier than trying to get them through the porch (the outside door and the inside door were apparently installed by two different people with different artistic ideas), and then there was the added joy of trying to fit everything in on the floor. The kitchen is a wee bit cramped now.

Anyway, I kicked off the week as I meant to go on with a fabulous macaroni cheese with chorizo (chorizo improves literally everything, I’ve found… until you reach chorizo saturation point, and then it just ruins everything), and the first of many film nights. (The Princess and the Frog) I’m starting to suspect that every night might be film night though, because there are a lot of DVDs in the living room and we’ve barely even scratched the surface of what’s on various people’s computers.

Unexpected Star Trek marathons aside, it’s shaping up to be a good week. Catch you later, yo.


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