Day 4: First Rehearsal

Today was the day I went back to the uni campus for the first time. Obviously that’s the first time since last term, not the first time in my life ever. (although apparently I look like a fresher. This makes a change from last year when people were wondering how they’d missed me in their lectures) This was somewhat unwilling; my reason for going back was a rehearsal for the Welcome Week (“because they’re welcoming everyone, not just Freshers!”) concert. As the concerts are basically every day this week for about 6 hours a day, I wasn’t massively keen on the idea. So I thought, you know, I’ll just go to the ones maybe on Friday and Saturday – oh wait, the concert’s on Sunday? – and Sunday, and I’ll miss the rest. It’ll be great!

Things I forgot to consider:

1) I am one of two bassoons at Royal Holloway

2) The person making everyone go to the rehearsals is a second-year like me

3) Guilt is a powerful motivator

These three things combined to mean that I had to go to the rehearsal at 1pm today instead of 10am in three days time. This rehearsal was set to go on until 5pm. Unfortunately, I had already booked a tutor meeting for 3pm. THIS IS BASICALLY LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF A VERY STRESSFUL TIME TRAVEL NOVEL. So not only did I have to a) locate the conductor (she’s new) b) apologise for my absence to the conductor c) make my excuses d) somehow extricate myself from the room? e) somehow get back? f) walk to the music department.

For those who’d like to understand points d) and e):

super picture

In essence, think of the people as immovable objects. They basically are.

My exciting adventures were only slightly held back by the steep hill and multiple staircases that dot the campus, but I persevered nevertheless. wow exercise is fun! !!!!

Anyway, as it turned out none of my worrying was justified because the woodwind were released finished at 3 anyway. So without further ado, I managed the most productive ten minutes of my life: I signed my options form, established I don’t have a Geordie accent, confirmed I was still on the list for Philosophy and the Arts, and organised an audition. Wow, go me. I am super productive.

oh flip oh flip what will I PLAY flippity flip


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