Bloody Valentine’s Day

This Saturday, as I’m sure everyone in the entire universe is aware, was Valentine’s Day. St Valentine’s Day if you’re being super fancy, but I just prefer The Abomination.

This year I ended up playing in orchestra rehearsals all day (woe is me) so I didn’t have any time to dwell on my inevitable singleness. I say inevitable, but I guess it’s possible that one day I might have a significant other who doesn’t mind my being aroace but THAT TIME HAS NOT YET COME (and coincided with Valentine’s Day). But when I got BACK from orchestra, stuffed a burger down my throat and prepared myself for a hot chocolate filled evening/night of lying around and feeling generally sorry for myself.

I do that very well, as a matter of fact.

Anyway, just as I was settling in for an excellent evening (House + a cup of G&B hot chocolate, so not as bad as it could have been) my friend Evey (I think she spells it Evey but it might well be Evie. oh well) invited me over for commiserating over a bottle of cider and generally being inane.

(The inanity was shortly followed by a pretty intense conversation about politics and sexuality, which was interspersed with me gently falling off the sofa and putting myself back on it. and then the rolling across the floor happened because I had to demonstrate how soft my jumper was and how good my log roll was)

All in all, not a terrible day. Items required for a successful Valentine’s Day: One (1) friend with broken foot, two (2) bottles of cider, one (1) super soft jumper, and the ability to slide off a sofa while continuing a line of conversation.


4 thoughts on “Bloody Valentine’s Day

  1. Having near given up on finding a significant other, I have taken to using Valentine’s day as a day to reflect on and celebrate bees. Saint Valentine was the patron Saint of Beekeepers after all.

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