And now, something a little more cheerful

My last few posts have been a bit of a roller-coaster (to say the least) in terms of mood, so I thought it might be nice to put up something a bit less sad. And here it is: a post about comics! Basically, I’ve taken the opportunity to order both more of my shampoo (it’s important that my hair be ludicrously soft) and, while I was there, a couple of volumes of comics. The first volume of both, rather than getting all keen and ordering loads.

the movement

This is the first one. It’s called, as you may have gathered, The Movement. I heard about this through tumblr (!) but I was really interested in reading something with such a diverse cast. Essentially, the premise is that a group of teenagers called The Movement use a range of superpowers to tackle corruption in Coral City. The comics are supposed to incorporate lots of social movements and are meant to be a commentary on power dynamics and hierarchies. So it sounds like a pretty interesting concept, if nothing else. AND there’s an aroace (main!) character so that’s pretty exciting.

miss marvel

And this is the other one! You may already know this, but me writing it down fills out a bit of blog space so it bears repeating. This is the fourth character (as far as I know) to be called Ms Marvel, and her RL name is Kamala Khan. She’s a Pakistani-American, and her powers – shapeshifting – come from having a particular Inhuman gene etc. Basically, I don’t know a lot about the background of this one, but with my trusty google companion anything I don’t know I can veery quickly find out. There’s been a lot of positive reviews of this one, so we’ll see.

I’m sure I’ll do a followup review or something so you’re not left wondering forever ‘how good were they?????’.

Mitchell out.


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