The Mystery of Nerves

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a very anxious person; I get anxious when I have to talk to people about things, I get anxious when I have to send emails to people, ringing people about things is something I have to literally practice beforehand. So I think it’s interesting that when I’m performing as part of a group I don’t really get nervous at all. Oh, I might get a bit tense if I happen to have a solo, but on the whole I’m calm as a cucumber.

The other day I was recording for an orchestra that I play in. We were essentially recording for about four or five hours followed by a concert in the evening. Weirdly, I was more worried about the recording than I was about the live performance in the evening. At least we could go back and redo the recording if I made some enormous destructive mistake, whereas in the concert if it’s not perfect then there’s nothing you can do about it.

I don’t really know for sure why some concerts make me more anxious than others. Maybe there isn’t really a reason.


3 thoughts on “The Mystery of Nerves

  1. People get anxious when they perceive something as a danger or threat. Perhaps you are so used to playing in concerts now that you’ve conditioned yourself to not getting anxious about it?

    • That could be it, I suppose. It seems a bit weird that no matter how small the ensemble is I still don’t get anxious about it. Whereas performing on my own is always terrifying

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