A very busy Wednesday

9:00 – Alarm goes off. Theoretically, get up now and have breakfast in order to start work on essays and programme notes at 10:00

10:00 – Get out of bed. Theoretically, now have the postponed breakfast and get on with your day.

10:30 – Having finally left your bedroom, rejoice in the knowledge that you’ve definitely checked tumblr half a dozen times. That’s an achievement and a half, eh?

11:00 – Bloody hell, does breakfast always take this long? Never mind, you’ve got essays to do and not a lot of time to do them in.

11:05 – I can’t possibly do my essays with the washing up making eye contact with me.

11:07 – But then again, who really wants to do washing up? not me. Maybe I should put a load of clothes in the washing machine. As well all know, a full hamper means a terrible session of essay-writing.True story.

11:08 – I know a lot less than I thought I knew about Parisian polyphony.

11:09 – My music degree is, for some reason, allowing me to study Gothic architecture. Well. At least I know all about arches now.

11:30 – The first 100 words were easy enough. If I could just find another damn reference…

12:00 – Wow, I’m amazing. 200 words in an hour. Bloody hell, that rate of typing is flipping inspiring.

12:01 – Now, onto my next task. Writing the programme notes for one of my pieces

12:05 – According to the internet, this piece doesn’t actually exist.

12:07 – And the composer only has a paragraph bibliography on wikipedia

12:09 – Shit

12:15 – Shit

12:30 – well done, you managed to waffle some absolute bullshit about how the guy was born to a shoe-maker. Good job. Now, you’ve got 10 minutes to get everything out of the washing machine and hang it up on clothes horses before you go to midweek music.

12:45 – Good joke

12:50 – No, seriously, leave now.

12:55 – Why – so – many – stairs? This – is – what – I – get – for – living – on – a – fucking – hill  – stop – judging – me – other – pedestrians – this – is – steep

12:56 – Oooh, a flat bit

12:59 – More stairs? 😦

13:15 – The glorious music is so gloriously musical. It’s just a shame I have to write a review about this. Let’s see… “the music sweeps in gloriously high sweeping melodies. the melodies are melodic. the choir turned up, so that’s good”

13:46 – Yeah, we’re all enjoying it sunshine, but you’ve run over now. Let’s just stop so we can go home.

13:48 – The organist is singing to his friends to show them which bits he did wrong. I feel you, friend. I also thought you made a mistake.

14:15 – Write up the review. Do it.

14:20 – Stop using the words ‘glorious’, ‘rich’, and ‘melodious’

14:40 – It’ll do. Now, another 200 words and you can stop doing sodding Parisian polyphony for one afternoon.

15:20 – The essay is such an absolute load of shite I’m glad it won’t have my name attached to it. Now, I’d better get ready for orchestra later. If I make my lunch now it’ll have time to chill before I leave

15:21 – where the actual fuck is my bassoon

15:22 – fuck fuck fuck fuck

15:25 – OK it’s at the practice rooms. So I guess I’ll just have to take a detour via the practice rooms to get it and then continue on my merry way to the station.In the opposite direction. Fan-fucking-tastic

15:30 – In the meantime, speed cooking! And then speed washing up

15:50 – There is so much water in this rice it’s a wonder it’s not still swimming around like tiny white fish. FOCUS

16:10 – I am almost 100% sure this hill only exists to taunt me. YES RANDOM STRANGERS I AM CARRYING A MUSIC STAND THANK YOU FOR NOTICING

16:30 – No, I’m not following you, we’re just going the same way. It’s a university. THERE WILL BE OTHERS TAKING THE SAME PATH AS YOU

16:31 – If you don’t move quicker I will hit you with my stand. I can’t overtake, this isn’t a road.

16:40 – Well, I’ve just missed the bus to the station. Now to wait at the stop like a cool bro and not look completely self-conscious.

16:41 – Ah, the age old question. To put the bassoon down or not to put it down? Putting it down will take ages and may end up with someone getting hit over the head (me), but not putting it down will mean getting on the bus takes longer

16:42 – Ow

17:00 – The bus should be here in 7 minutes. Better check my watch pointedly to make sure everyone knows I’m on it

17:02 – Still on it

17:05 – Still on it!

17:07 – In the moment I dropped it, the bus arrived. IS IT THE RIGHT BUS? Nobody knows.

17:08 – The driver knows. It’s the right bus.

17:23 – The train is here. If I get this train, I’ll be something like half an hour early. Better catch the slow train and be there on time!

17:45 – I hate the slow train good god

18:20 – I hate the train I hate everything I hate the universe and I especially hate YOU, man who tried to push past me but then fell onto one of the seats. Karma.

18:30 – It’s a good thing I’m patient or being crammed onto a tube like a sardine would be torture

18:40 – why is there a queue for the escalator

18:41 – Oh good god

18:45 – If I have to queue to get on this carriage I will scream. Internally. And on the outside look calm and polite as ever, because it’s important not to randomly scream on the underground

18:55 – stairs??????????????????/

19:00 – I’m hungry but I also hate the food I brought. this was a mistake

19:30 – “we’re starting on time tonight”

19:40 – start


20:00 – oh good we’re playing something else now


20:00 – my face hurts and my eyes hurt and my head hurts and I am thirsty

20:30 – “ten minute break guys” yep, sure. I’ll just be over here with my hot chocolate and my iced gems and feel sorry for myself

20:45 – “ten minutes”


21:00 – ??? what is this why am I playing the cello part??? and on my own with the strngs??? Liszt, were you high?

21:30 – um, are we done? we have like 30 minutes left


21:45 – be free from this place 15 minutes early, ducklings. be free

22:00 – Arrive at the station. The possibility of catching the 22:20 train is approximately 1 in 1000000

22:20 – as we’ve only just arrived at Waterloo, the 22:20 train may be tricky

22:30 – What platform is the next train?

22:35 – ?

22:40 – ???????

22:41 – sprint sprint sprint gotta get a seat

22:45 – oh god it’s the ‘is he drunk or does he just ramble on like that all the time’ game?

22:46 – Maybe if I read I’ll stop being a potential target

??:?? – Book finished, where the flippity-flop am I

23:15 – ugh, 15 minutes left. time for some hardcore sudoku

23:29 – oooh, almost there. better disembark or something


23:45 – it’s always nice coming home and having NO-ONE ELSE BE HERE. YEP, JUST ME AND THE LAUNDRY

00:00 – bed? nah, jokes.


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