An Update!

Well, I think I mentioned about the whole “coming out via leaflet” thing? Here we go: an update! My housemate eventually found the leaflet (it helped that I, with the help of a friend from uni, moved the leaflet from under a pile of books on her desk to under her duvet) and she reacted really well. as well as you really can react to a leaflet under your duvet saying “so you think your housemate is asexual” with a glorious picture of my face underneath it.

Note: I’ve been trying to not describe my face as being hideous or ugly, which I do casually a lot like I’m trying to prove I’m not a narcissist. So if I describe myself as wondrous and perfect, that’s why.

This post is literally just an updating you (and by extension, me) on the goings on in my life. So… where to begin. Well, I went to a Buddhist meeting last week which was unexpectedly taxing on the old vocal chords (chanting for an hour. You really don’t appreciate how little you talk in day-to-day life until you talk constantly for an hour) but somehow calming. I very much lost track of time, which was interesting.

I’ve also started meditating again, which has had two effects: 1. I fall asleep so much quicker, it’s ridiculous. 2. I’ve realised how anxious and stressed and weirdly self-conscious I get on a daily basis. So that’s nice, and probably explains why sometimes I get so tired I just curl up on my bed and stare at my elbows.

my perfect, beautiful elbows.

er, what else. I’ve been eating so much soup recently that I’ve rediscovered my absolute loathing for broccoli. Broccoli does not deserve to exist on the same mortal plane as chocolate, I’ve decided. And no matter how much you dilute it with carrot you can still taste the fucking broccoli.

And then there have been a couple of exams. Guess what I’m procrastinating about right now? That’s right, medieval polyphony and German nationalism. How’d you guess?

oooh an update on the soup situation! so you know how ages ago I was like “ugh soup, I just eat it for the vitamins”? Well now I like it! I actually sometimes don’t even need bread to eat a bowl of soup, so that’s exciting. Not that bread is expensive or anything, I just don’t really want to be eating half a loaf of bread every lunch.

Well, I think that’s basically it. Have fun, kiddies. And as always, good night, friends. Good night.


Welcome Back

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? And so much has happened! Well, for starters I’ve done an exam. Yep, that’s right – a whole exam. Please, try and hold your fainting until the end of the page. I’ve got three to go, and a recital, and then a concert, so by the time this month is over I will be very very tired and very very stressed. Because I am the kind of person who won’t stop freaking out about their exam until they actually get the results back, and at the rate the music department works that won’t be until I’m about 95. 

No matter. 

In the meantime, I have to juggle a great many things. Rehearsals for the aforementioned concert, a rehearsal and a concert in a completely different place, revision for my three exams, and of course practicing for the recital. That’s on top of the vague fear that my laptop’s about to break, semi-crippling social anxiety, and the general weirdness that comes with outing yourself to a housemate via pamphlet
That’s if she ever finds it. 
omg I might sneak into her room and steal it back
Stay tuned for more news from me, at a more acceptable hour of the day. good night, friends. good night.