Salutations, Internet friend! I’m Charlifarli, and this is my blog.

I’m going into my first second year at Royal Holloway (that’s in ‘London’) to study music, after spending my gap year playing in musicals and volunteering at a school. first year panicking about being a responsible adult, worrying about studying, and ultimately not doing anywhere near as badly as I thought I would.

Hobbies include: reading, casual gaming, serious pedantry, general anxiety, and being randomly hipster about soap.

This blog is mostly going to be about my uni exploits, but I might also dip into important things like salted chocolate truffles and soap.

I’m going to try to update twice a week on Thursday and Sunday, but feel free to drop me a line even if it isn’t the designated update day. I’d love to hear from you. If I update twice a week that will be a beautiful week and you should probably buy a lottery ticket because, frankly, it’s that kind of week.


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