Wicked by name, rather good by nature

See that? That’s a pune, or a play on words.

Anyway. Last month on the 16th of April, Lewis dragged me into London to go and see the Book of Mormon. They were doing a raffle for about half a dozen tickets for £20. The rest of them were something more like £75, so naturally we weren’t too keen on paying full price.

The day started well; I managed to get the train from Marlow with no problems, and even though the train I wanted was delayed for reasons I didn’t panic! no sir, I did not. In fact, it wasn’t until I arrived at Oxford Circus that things started Going Wrong. Lewis had, for reasons best known to himself, left the station and hidden himself around the corner. We spent 5 or so minutes trying to work out where he was in relation to me, before eventually to his great surprise I stumbled upon him.

Of course, then it turned out we had about an hour before we had to be at the raffle. So, naturally, we went to Hamleys.

The problem with going to Hamleys when one of you is about a billion feet tall is that most of the other people there are about 3′ tall. Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt, but there were a lot of near misses. Despite the danger we managed to kill 45 minutes examining high-priced lego and unexpected film memorabilia. Who’d have thought that replica One Rings would’ve been so popular? Although it’s a bit jarring to see them sitting merrily next to replica Firebolts, but I’m sure the people who sort out the layouts know what they’re doing.

20140426_160758 20140426_16075320140426_160822

Once we’d fled the building, we made our slow way along Regent Street (pedestrians these days. No drive) towardsthe theatre, pausing briefly along the way to make ourselves very hungry in some whole food’s market.

We entered the raffle, hearts filled with hope, and hands filled with air. Would we win? Would we not win? Statistically speaking the odds were very much against us, but I believe.

Anyway, Chinatown beckoned, and we learnt a few things:

  1. Eating in front of a mirror is weird
  2. Eating next to random strangers is even weirder
  3. People who balance footballs on their heads rarely do anything exciting
  4. Lewis doesn’t like flapjack

On our return to the theatre we learnt that we had, in fact, not won the raffle. But, never fear, we found something else instead!

Us looking sad because we did not win the raffle

Us looking sad because we did not win the raffle


Look what it is, saving the day

We both agreed that Wicked was a much better choice than the Book of Mormon, hands down. Anyway, without too much difficulty we managed to find the Apollo Victoria theatre (it’s right opposite the station. If you’re not us, it’s probably the first thing you see. If you are us, you’ll need to turn left, turn around, and then you’ll spot it)

Apart from the really weird theatre layout (toilets right next to the stage? ok…) and the slightly irritating seat layout (a wall in front of the seats that’s impossible to see over? Good job) the musical was so amazing I don’t even have the words to describe it. So I won’t. I’ll simply leave you with the news that it took me about 45 minutes longer to get home because the damn underground line I needed was closed. well played, London Underground. well played.


London Zoo

I’m pretty much a London fan. If I had unlimited money/won the lottery, I would definitely choose to live in London. As I don’t have either of those things, I have to settle for just visiting it.

So that’s what we did.

London Zoo 018

I approve of that camel llama/alpaca, mainly because I’ve never seen one lie down like that before.

London Zoo 019

The existence of that goat will never cease to confuse me. I mean, why a goat in a zoo?London Zoo 023London Zoo 024London Zoo 043London Zoo 050London Zoo 058

We saw lots more than that, but I’m pretty sure you’ve seen lions, tigers, and bears cockroaches before, right? So after a long day wandering around a zoo, we went up Primrose Hill to check out London.

London Zoo 059London Zoo 060


After which, we made up for all that damn exercise by going immediately to a cheap & cheerful Chinese restaurant, Mr Wu.

£5.50 for an all-you-can-eat buffet might sound suspect, but it’s ok; they made up the money by charging £1.30 for a can of coke. Apparently they don’t have taps on the premises(!)

London Zoo 061

And then we missed the once-an-hour train back to Marlow and had to sit around in a pub in Paddington station for an hour. C’est la vie.