Project 101: End of the line

That title probably didn’t need to be quite that ominous, but oh well. So, here we are at the end of project 101. It’s been exciting. It’s been fun. Is it bad that the part I was most pleased about was the fact that the month ended on one of my scheduled posting days so I didn’t have to break my posting plan? idk

Anyway, I stuck to it for an entire month! (apart from three days in the middle where if I stuck to my challenge I’d be wearing wet clothes. That’s not cool. Maybe I should have made that a built in exception? Anyway, I wore different clothes for those three days and then just went back to it after last Sunday. The one we just had. I need to get out of this parenthesis)

So I guess it’sĀ possibleĀ to do, but it’s probably more sensible to not try and do it by hiding all your other clothes, especially if people are going to have to come into your room and pack up your stuff so you can move house. There’s nothing quite like people finding a sneaky pair of trousers hidden in your desk drawer. I ended up hiding in my mum’s bedroom for the whole morning.