Project 101: Second Week Blues

Now, I know it looks like I should only be on my first week blues. But, due to a number of circumstances, I’m actually on my second week.

These are the circumstances:

  1. I started it on the 19th, but scheduled the Project 101 post for the 25th so I wouldn’t have a) a post on the wrong day and b) three posts in one week

That’s basically it.

The first week was easy enough, because I spent most of it on a youth camp where I only brought two tops, one pair of trousers, a pair of shorts and two pairs of shoes. All of which I wore, funnily enough. And no, this isn’t as unhygienic as it sounds, I promise. Sincerely. I think the maximum number of days I wore anything for was about two? Probably? (oh man, now I’m getting worried)

The second week was where things got exciting. And when I say exciting, I mean bad. Sort of. Or maybe good because I saw a challenge and grew as a person. 

In essence, I discovered the reason why these kinds of challenges are tricky. I forgot, in my zealous challenge-setting, to consider the change in the seasons. The gradual-in-season change, that is. I.e., it’s colder now than it was before. Evenings are getting colder.

If I’m going to go outside in chilly weather, I’ll probably need a jacket. I probably should have thought of that when I was planning out my clothes.

You’ll be proud though; I didn’t cave. I didn’t sneakily swap one of my pairs of trousers for a blazer, or just sneakily sneak in a jacket of some kind. “What? No, it’s been Project 102 the whole time, honest!”

Another thing I’ve discovered is that those blue chinos aren’t really my favourite thing ever. I prefer neutral trousers and colourful tops, not the other way round! Also it’s a pain when you accidentally spill cider on your trousers and the only other trousers you have are still wet on the clothes horse.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

On the plus side, I’ve made a really handy excel spreadsheet (!) which I’m using to log which outfits I’ve worn. If I wear all the possible combinations by the end of the month, I win the right to eat chocolate.

IMHO I’m probably going to eat the chocolate anyway, but it’s nice to have goals.