Just over a month to go

So. One month to left. This is the thing I’ve spent a year stressing about, looking forward to, and being terrified about in equal measures. I’ve wished it closer and I’ve wished it further away, sometimes at the same time.

Now it’s almost here.

I’m a bit excited, I think. I’m looking forward to getting out there and being a student. I’m definitely looking forward to having a bit more autonomy. I’m looking forward to having my old friends from school over to my uni flat. Hopefully my flatmates will be my new uni friends, but if not I’ll probably make some on the course. I’m taking my teapot with me as means to bribe them into liking me though. Who doesn’t like tea?

Then again, I’m still nervous. There’s so much to think about; budgeting, buying food for the week (a whole week’s worth of shopping? Mad!), lectures and note-taking…. There’s so much to do. It could get overwhelming.

Maybe it won’t though. I’m probably just worrying too much.