The problem of possibly being over prepared

There are two downsides to having a year to contemplate starting uni. The first is the inevitable stress and terror it will cause. (and it WILL cause, if you’re anything like me)

The second is the response to the stress. The preparation stage. It’s all very well and good being prepared. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail, as my woodwork/metalwork/food technology teacher used to say. I expect he still says it. (he also used to say I’d make a great spy due to my ability to answer questions very evasively, so maybe take what he says with a handful of salt)

The trouble with that is, I think I might be taking a bit too much stuff with me.


This would be too many boxes.

So if I maybe take a suitcase full of clothes and a box full of kitchen things… and probably another box of kitchen things, and then a bag/box of notebooks and stationery things… oh! and let’s not forget my bassoon (it’s big.) and music, and sheet music, and my satchel bag(s) because I love my satchel bags…

I don’t know, is that too much? I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten something.