Cheffing With Charlie: Chilli (maybe?)

OK, first all all, I have done enough of these damn things to warrant their own sexy little category. So, here we go: sexy food time. (dear god, someone stop me). Today we’re making… chilli (con carne)! I think it’s chilli con carne anyway, it’s beef and chilli things so who even knows. It’s delicious anyway. Today’s prices sourced from…. waitrose! I suspect everywhere else will be much the same, if not cheaper. You’re welcome.

You Will Need:

500g beef mince (£3.29)
1 can of chopped tomatoes (50p OR if you buy in packs of 4, 37.5p)
1 can of mixed beans in a spicy tomato sauce (£1.00)
Splash of Worcester sauce (negligible)
Stock cube (like 10p?)

Total: £4.665, or more sensibly: £4.67

Method (serves 5):

1. Put all the ingredients in the slow cooker. If you’re a fusspot like me, blend the tomato first and then chuck it in. If you’re not a fusspot, don’t bother.

2. Leave the whole glorious mixture for 2-3 hours on high.

3. That’s it!

4. Serve with, rice (probably adds around 60p per portion) or those funky taco shells – you could get creative and use those stand and stuff ones (which are super exciting, let’s be honest)

If you don’t have a slow cooker, you could probably just lob it all in a big sauce pan and then just cook it for about half an hour or so. Have fun, kiddlingtons!




Week 4 Day 1: Cheffing with Charlie

(Ok so read that ch- like it’s chocolate and maybe it’ll work better) (Also damnit Charlieissocoollike because I wanted cooking with Charlie but you’ve already nabbed that, you clever sod you. )

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Already week 4 and already I’m wondering how I managed to come to uni without any waterproof shoes. It’s finally stopped raining for the day, so maybe we can start doing outdoors things again (except not, because the shoes problem still applies). Anyway, abandon your outdoors fun because I’m about to tell you what the latest on the cooking scene is: slow cookers. Yeah, totally student-y. Why would you say otherwise??

Slow cookers are so amazing I could rave about them for weeks. A cooking thing that you start yesterday evening and then this evening there’s an amazing curry staring accusingly back at you??? Or a way to cook a chicken that doesn’t involve getting weird chicken juices all over the kitchen floor when you try to cut it into pieces? I’m interested. So, without further ado, the first recipe: roast(ish) chicken.

Serves: 6 (Disclaimer: 80g servings each. That actually turns out to be perfectly sufficient, so… But yeah, if you insisted on having double that you’d only get half the number of servings etc. I suspect you understand that)

You will need:

1.5kg whole frozen chicken (£3.99)
3 carrots (£0.30)
2 parsnips (£0.68)
1 baking potato (£0.35)

For reference, this is the biggest chicken you will get in your slow cooker. I don’t want anyone trying to punch a chicken into a smallish slow cooker, because frankly that’s not going to be pretty. eewww


1. Cut up the vegetables into a nice vegetable-y bed on the slow cooker. The goal is to keep the chicken from touching the bottom. If that happens, bad things will happen.

2. Put the defrosted chicken on the bed of vegetables. You did defrost the chicken first, right?

3. If you feel nervous about not putting a bit of water in, put some water in the slow cooker.

4. Turn to low, leave for approximately 6 hours.

5. Do other things.

6. Remove the chicken from the slow cooker. Inevitably a bit will have touched the side and will fall off the chicken. It’s fine, it’s salvageable. If you’re feeling a bit fancy, you could grill the skin/the chicken in the oven to crispify the skin so that it’s even more delicious. Salt and olive oil are your friends here.

If you chose not to do that, the chicken will literally fall off the bone when you try to get it off. Alternatively, you can just rip the bones out by accident when you try to pick up the legs/wings.

7. Serve with like roast potatoes or fried potatoes or rice or whatever. Note, the chicken will probably taste of the vegetables it nested on, so don’t use any you think are absolutely repellent. Save the rest of the leftovers. I recommend using jars for maximum weirdness. (When people open up the freezer or fridge and just see jars full of dead chicken, their reactions tend to be somewhat exciting)

8. Use leftovers for further deliciousness

9. Optional, put all the chicken bones and a bunch of vegetables BACK in the slow cooker with about a litre of water. Leave for at least 8 hours.

10. Sieve/filter/whatever the flip. Pour into containers, put the containers in the fridge/freezer. Congratulations, you’ve just made chicken stock!

11. Optional optional extra: skim the fat off. You can do this once it’s chilled, or you can just not bother if your goal is to have a slightly fattier meal. I can’t always be bothered to skim it, so sometimes I don’t (gasp)

And that’s that, my super easy 8/11 step process for cooking a whole chicken. You’re welcome.