‘Welcome’ week recap

Freshers’ week. The week where all the new uni students (and some of the older ones), are meant to get wasted every night and sleep through the day, existing on a diet of pot noodles and pasta, downing paracetamol to cure their drinking-induced headache. When you put it like that, it doesn’t actually sound that great.

Fortunately, all my flatmates are nice. And I’ve witnessed at least 3/4 of them eat real food over the week and a half I’ve been here, so that fixes that problem. (I got bored of the pot noodles pretty quickly)

We sometimes sit in the hall eating dominoes pizza (50% off for being a RHUL student! I know! well… if you spend over £30. Let’s face it, you can’t really avoid it with 4 people) and watching films. My favourite was the Hairspray and Grease evening. It sounds a bit like a terrible hairdresser, doesn’t it? Hairspray and grease. ugh

And of course I managed to polish off a packet of club biscuits over three days. Don’t judge me, I was stressing about my bassoon lessons! ah, sweet sweet memories…

Last night we played monopoly and I got overexcited every time I won any money. Shame it’s not real money… I ended up with more than I started with, so Thumbs up from me.