It’s funny how time passes differently on different occasions. I’m not just talking about the standard time-goes-faster when you’re doing something exciting, and time-goes-slower when you’re doing something boring. I’m talking about the general perception of time; how while you’re doing something time might drag on like you’re wading through thick mud, and then when you’re done it’s suddenly “oh, that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye”.

I can’t be the only one who sometimes feels like time is passing at different speeds like that. Occasionally it works the other way round; while I’m immersed in an activity it seems to pass really quickly and it’s done before I know it, but once I’m done with that individual activity it feels like time is on the whole going s l o w l y and I’ve got ages until I’ve got anything to do next.

It’s certainly an odd sensation. It’s like having both feet on travelators going at different speeds, except time doesn’t make you fall over and it’s harder to bruise your knee as a result of temporal displacement. Usually.